Soft bond™ Hair Extensions Created By Tiffany Twist
Safe, long-lasting, Strand-By-Strand Hair Extensions 
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What Is Soft bond™?
Soft bond™  is a safe & gentle strand-by-strand hair extension method created by WEST COAST HAIR founder, Tiffany Twist, that is not fusion, glue or other binding materials that cause damage to the natural hair.  Designed for years and years of continuous hair extension wear,  Tiffany's exclusive hair extension technique uses no chemicals or harmful solvents to remove. There is no pulling or hair loss. So many tape, bead and fusion users who are frustrated with hair extensions thinning and damaging their hair, love Soft bond™.  The extension hair can be worn up or down, in ponytails etc.,  and the attachments are virtually undetectable.  Appointments offered in Minneapolis & Los Angeles. 

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"Permanent"  Wear.
Meaning, a hair extension solution that can last in the hair for 6-9 months and longer. With the correct care & maintenance, clients see 12-15 months of hair extension wear. In other words, they are long lasting but not so permanent, in they can be removed quickly and easily without tools, chemicals or harmful solvents. WEST COAST HAIR uses the highest quality of Bohyme 100% human hair sold only to professionals and not even in the stores. Some clients remove & reinstall the same hair for years. Others want brand new each time. While the investment is mainly up-front in the cost of hair and initial install service, a ton can be saved in such long-term wear and reuse of the hair. 

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Understanding Upkeep.
Many local clients come in every 4-6 weeks for strand de-tangling & to have select grown-out extensions moved up. With our guidance, OOT clients maintain and manage their own extensions. We carry compatible hair care products for the hair extensions, Tiffany's preferred shampooing and conditioning is recommended, but you can use yours as long as the ingredients are approved. Silicones are an ingredient liberally added to many hair care products that compromises Soft bond™. Since it is an ingredient related to compromising one's health, as well, we don't miss it and neither should you :) With WEST COAST HAIR, you can style your hair as usual, just be careful of direct heat burning your bond. 

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